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February 28, 2014

March 2014: Changing lives, changing times

As Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter (and retrograde Mars) approach a grand cross in April, look for events in March to show us the direction we are headed with this major configuration. March 2014 is a volatile month of change leading up to one of the most important transits of the year and the decade. The grand square of April affects roughly half of the people I read for, so events will be happening this month at a faster than average pace, leading to ultimate change in many directions both for society as a whole and us as individuals. The world will change, and if the grand cross affects your chart what you can count on is personal change in your life one way or another. It is important to realize that all change is not bad, rather inherent in the nature of the universe and in life, and it is the one thing we can always count on to be consistent. It is up to us to be flexible and adaptable, understand the nature of what the planets are showing us, and remember that all knowledge is power.

The first March new moon occurs March 1, at 2:59 a.m., at 10 degrees of Pisces. Pisces is the natural ruler of the twelfth house of things secret and hidden, our subconscious mind, and is the ruler of all things of a spiritual nature. No surprise, Son of God, will be released in the theaters this weekend, sure to be a hit. Last year at this time with 5 planets in Pisces we saw the installation of a new Pope.

As this new moon falls within 5 degrees of Neptune, Pisces ruler, look for issues to take on a confused or foggy nature, but this may be good for creativity, spiritual and compassionate ventures, psychics and an interest in mysticism of any kind. Also look for weather conditions to be extreme once again including more snow or rain around this time.

The first half of the year we will be dealing with many retrograde planets, and March is the pivotal month.
Situations/issues may come to the surface you have been unaware of as Mercury goes stationary direct February 28-March 4, at 18 degrees of Aquarius. The stationary retrograde and direct period are most often the time situations are revealed for what they are, glitches occur, and we feel more strongly the energy of the retrograde energy.

Projects may start to move forward now, but proceed with caution over the next week and do not assume things will be back to normal instantly. Mercury will go through its post retrograde shadow period until it reaches 3 degrees of Pisces on March 21. At this time Mercury will conjunct Neptune for the second time March 21-24 creating confusing or discouraging energy. If the period of February 5-8 was significant to you, this time may be as well. Retrograde Mercury is actually a much longer period or cycle than people are led to believe.

The first of the month is packed with astrological events and also on March 1, Mars goes stationary retrograde at 27 degrees of Libra. Mars retrogrades every 18 months or so, and this is often a period of low energy, frustration and passive aggressive behavior by some. This is not the time to start a new business, and new ventures may fall apart under this transit. Mars rules men, action and war-strife. If you have cardinal planets-Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Mars will aspect your chart more than once during this period. Often we retrace our steps and reconsider previous actions, commitments with this transit. Mars will remain in Libra until July 25, and will be retrograde until May 19. Retrograde Mars will play a major role in the Grand Cross of April.

March 2, Saturn goes stationary retrograde at 23 degrees of Scorpio. Saturn retrogrades every year for approximately 4-5 months. Issues related to the foundation of things especially business, finance and money may become more internalized during this time. There can be delays in moving projects forward and solidifying material issues. Any business that is started with this transit will have to deal with the limitations a retrograde Saturn naturally brings, and now will be the time to shore up your financial situation and structures, and get your ideas flowing in the correct way about money. If you deal with the public in some way it is best to present ideas for public scrutiny after Saturn goes direct on July 20.

March 2, Venus squares Mars and this transit deals with issues between the sexes. As Mars is retrograde issues will be more pronounced, and we may even see evidence of this on the news! Venus rules love and money and Mars rules men and sex. Issues can become extreme if this is aspecting a personal planet at 25-27 degrees of the cardinal signs in your own chart.

March 3, Venus finally leaves its post retrograde shadow period, and enters Aquarius March 5, after a four month stay in Capricorn where it took on a more practical tone. Venus in Aquarius will take on a lighter energy sometimes described as quirky, open minded, and less reliable. This will be a major shift in love energy and will work well for Air and Fire signs.

March 6, Jupiter goes direct at 10 degrees of Cancer at 5:24 a.m., EST. Jupiter is the financial planet and generally associated with gain and expansion, but it expands whatever it touches-good or bad. In this case, Jupiter is square Uranus (exact 2-26) and this is an unstable influence prone to market swings, changes in governments, and growth of human potential. Astrologer Nicholas Champion wrote, "In a society in crisis it can cause highly volatile situations to erupt without warning and an atmosphere of actuate tension. In this state it has a particularly war-mongering potential." Jupiter is also the significator of the Republican party and we may see theatrical politics during this time. Uranus rules rebellions, aircraft, electronics and weather to name a few.

March 11, Mercury squares Saturn for the third and final time. This is generally a negative, constrictive influence. Mercury squared Saturn February 19, and January 25. If these time periods were significant to you personally, this day may be as well.

March's full moon occurs March 16, at 26 degrees of Virgo at 1:08 p.m., EST. Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house of health, service and work and to some extent we will all be focused here. As the moon sextiles Saturn, this is a time of getting down to business, reality and not looking at things through rose colored glasses. Full moons are generally about finishing up thing or endings, but in this case, not a bad time to start a diet, although I would wait a few days to begin.

March 17, Mercury enters Pisces for the second time, having started its retrograde here in February.

March 20, the Sun enters Aries at 12: 57 p.m. Spring begins, and it all starts over!

March 29, Venus squares Saturn and trines Mars. Saturn-Mars energy is generally heavy, and this day could coincide with some type of ending if it is aspecting something important in your chart, especially falling just before a new moon in Aries. Otherwise, not the best day for social or romantic activities.

March 30, a second new moon occurs at 9 degrees of Aries at 2: 45 p.m., EST. Aries is the natural ruler of the first house of self, and the first house governs our personal desires. Not just our desires, but others as well, and the companion full moon in April will be a lunar eclipse in Libra, thus the new/full moon fall on the 1st/7th axis of relationships. Relationships of all types will come into focus during this period that include, but are not limited to romantic situations.

This new moon may feel more like a full moon as it sets off a grand square between Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter. Events will be large and situations will occur worldwide that affect us all in many different respects as a society, and this moon will affect you personally if you have cardinal planets between 8-13 degrees. We will see a desire for change in many instances leading up to revolts, rebellions and explosive situations both on the world stage and in our personal lives if this moon is aspecting personal planets. In past situations involving the U-P square have dealt with the US governments secret wiretapping and spying on Americans and I would not be surprised if issues around this come up again, but this will be only part of the bigger picture.

At 10 degrees of Aries the Sun is part of this square opposing Uranus at 11 degrees over the next several days. Sun-Uranus events are sudden, often unexpected, shocking and Sun-Uranus is associated with revolutions, separations, explosions, and shocking turns of events.

The Sun squares Pluto April 2/3 and this energy deals with agendas, power struggles, situations that are hidden and break downs of all kinds. This is a volatile full moon, but all change is not bad. With Pluto involved change can sometimes lead to a better situation in the future.

This new moon will be the tip of the iceberg as we enter April, and the eclipse season. Stay tuned for my next blog about the Grand Cross titled Rock Our World: The Grand Cross of 2014 and its effects.



February 5, 2014

February 2014: A glimpse into the future

February is a month of change as is every month, but the Uranus-Pluto square this month will bring major and potentially disruptive transits, with a theme on the unexpected as Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto and is square Uranus, so we will get our first glimpse as to what the Grand Cross of 2014 that astrologers everywhere are watching will bring in April, when it becomes exact along with Mars. It is important to watch things this month as by doing so we get a glimpse into our future, personally and on the world stage.

Typically Jupiter is the financial planet and as it, along with Venus, oppose Pluto through February 6th this represents a tremendous burst of energy that amped up as Venus went direct after a 6 week retrograde at 13 degrees of Capricorn, square Uranus at 9 degrees in Aries.

This set off the Uranus-Pluto square once again and as the case this time, and every time this powerful square is set off, we will see major events happening that are of importance in the world, along with many changes that occur in individuals lives as the Uranus-Pluto square sets off sensitive points in our own charts, creating major turning points in our personal lives.

Venus rules love and money, and changes in relationships have occurred for many that involve major adjustments one way or another. This is the time where the karma of the relationship becomes revealed for what it is. Venus-Pluto is an obsessive transit and Pluto often deals with the dark undercurrents and issues we would rather avoid. For some this can be a dark awakening about love, or represent those with a burning desire to be reborn or re-birthed in some way or to do so through their relationships. Venus is direct now, but things may remain somewhat unclear in relationships as Venus is in its post retrograde shadow period until March 4.

As both Venus and Jupiter rule money, both planets are in opposition as we begin the month and Venus-Pluto also relates to issues that concern women, love and emotional issues that can become overwhelming personally. This should lighten up after February 6, if Venus-Pluto-Jupiter is affecting you in this manner.

On the money front we started the month off with the stock market having gone through its biggest upheaval in more than a year and the US stock market lost more than 300 points February 3. Until February 17, Jupiter is in opposition to Pluto, exact, and by February 17, Uranus is square Jupiter, exact through March 6, so money matters and finances can become erratic, and Jupiter-Uranus generally deals with unexpected events, twists and turns. The financial markets may be changeable and volatile all month. This transit also gives rise to rebellions, volatile situations, extremist behaviors, plane crashes and accidents, situations involving electricity and computers, war like behavior, along with risk taking and changes of plans in general. The Olympics begin February 7, and the Russian town of Sochi is not a safe place to be.

February 5-8 Mercury is conjunct Neptune, and Mercury retrogrades at 3 degrees of Pisces on February 6. Mercury/Neptune is a foggy and unclear influence and the combination can be deceptive in many respects. Nothing may be exactly as it seems. Believe half of what you hear and check out facts before coming to a decision. Better still, don't make solid plans/decisions at this time, not to mention Mercury retrograde is no time to make commitments or begin new projects. This transit is significant as it will last 4 days or so, and on the positive end it can be creative, and you may be intuitive or you could have significant dreams. This could signal unusual weather conditions involving water. Be careful of accidents due to fog, water or unclear thinking. Mercury retrogrades February 6-28 in Pisces, then back into Aquarius February 12.

Mars remains in Libra all month, moving very slowly as it will soon retrograde on March 1, at 27 degrees of Libra. It reaches its stationary retrograde degree on February 20, and we will feel the effects as Mars begins its backward motion. If Mars is aspecting your chart between 23-27 degrees of Libra in February it will have a marked effect now for better or worse as Mars transits will move much more slowly than the norm. Mars entered his 'shadow period,' when the energy starts to shift on December 25, 2013. It will remain in this sign until July.

During a retrograde Mars energy is lower, tempers flare, accidents occur and if you initiate new projects on a retrograde Mars they may well fizzle when Mars goes direct on May 20. Equipment can break while the God of War is retrograde, and best not to buy expensive equipment at this time either.

In Libra, Mars is considered 'at its detriment,' meaning the energy doesn't work well or is impeded, and people may seem more fractious, angry or passive aggressive.

February 10-11 the Sun squares Saturn, and this is a difficult transit. This is not the best day for important meetings or events. We may feel tired or uninspired, and prone to confrontations. We could see major events in the world at this time with the other major transits.

The full moon occurs February 14, at 6: 53 p.m. EST at 26 degrees of Leo. On one hand this is the perfect full moon for Valentine's day as Leo rules the 5th house of love affairs, on the other hand Leo is a fire sign and explosive, and if things aren't going well it could signify and ending of some type.

Russia's chart is highlighted during this full moon and worth watching. In the US chart this moon opposes the US natal moon so look for unrest and upset among the people around this moon. Using the Sagittarius rising chart it falls in the 8th house of death and transformation. The 8th house also rules the financial world and taxes, and we could see some type of attempted transformation in this area, but with a retrograde Mercury (and Mars) nothing would be permanent, or without further change.

February 18, the Sun enters Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac and the mutable sign of winter when the weather can start to change. Being the 12th sign Pisces is more about completions and endings. Pisces is the most spiritual and ethereal sign of the zodiac and we will operate in this realm for the next 29 days.

February 19, Mercury will square Saturn for the second time. The first square occurred January 25-26, but this time Mercury is retrograde making it more difficult. If the above days were important in some way, you may have similar issues on this square or be dealing with the same situation again.

February 23, the Sun conjuncts Neptune, and like Mercury conjunct Neptune, this day and the several surrounding it are likely to be unclear, foggy, and there may be a lack of clarity, somewhat like February 5-8 when Mercury conjuncted Neptune. Don't jump to conclusions or make plans on this day.

February 24, Venus sextiles Saturn and this is a beautiful transit for business or your social life. While it has a pragmatic approach, nevertheless, stability can be present to build a strong foundation.

February 28, Mercury goes direct at 9:00 a.m., EST, starting the stationary direct motion that will last through March 4. Once again, plans may change, glitches occur, and it's best to wait for the energy to level out before beginning to make new plans.

Also on this day, the Sun trines Jupiter, a positive, upbeat and even lucky transit for some, and a good night to celebrate!



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