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Astrologer Leslie Hale, offers professional astrology readings worldwide by phone. Free extended horoscopes are also available to all first time callers. Leslie also posts monthly horoscopes and astrological transits, and an astrology newsletter that you can subscribe to. Her Starstruck Forum is an astrology forum where people can post questions, ideas and meet other people interested in astrology.

She specializes in astrological guidance to empower you with knowledge of future events, relationships, financial and major life situations. Her goal in an astrology reading is to answer the questions you may have about any situation you are currently involved in, review your opportunities and time frames most likely for success, as well identify when the 'down' periods will be and how long they will last. This enables you to make informed decisions with a realistic and accurate view leading to a happier and more positive future. She can also pinpoint personal strengths that can point you toward a more successful future.

Leslie is a professional astrologer who approaches all consultations in an open and honest manner. Astrology is her passion and she has studied under many successful and well know astrologers for over 30 years. She has been a full time astrologer for nearly a decade, has since consulted with over 5,000 clients in all walks of life.

So what is astrology and an astrology reading? Astrology provides a blueprint for your life. It is unique to the individual based on where the planets were at the time of your birth. With this blueprint, it is possible to understand your past, present and future, as well as personality traits, abilities and latent abilities, career opportunities, financial opportunities and relationships/compatibility, with time frames that pinpoint critical areas in your life, both negative and positive. The term astrology means, literally, "the word of the stars".

Please use the links below to order your astrology reading, free horoscopes, read and subscribe to her astrology newsletter, participate in Leslie's astrology forum, or to contact her. Leslie looks forward to hearing from you and helping you on your life path.


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